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Official League Bylaws

Post by Commissioner on Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:41 am

I. League Structure and General Provisions

A. The purpose of the Simulation Hockey League - League A (SHL-A) is to offer an entertainment opportunity to members in good standing to act in the capacity of general manager of a National Hockey League (NHL) franchise from either the Eastern or Western Conferences competing through simulation software to be named later. If said software does not provide a yearly disk, the League Commissioner shall designate a 3rd party replacement source for that year's game.

B. The SHL-A was formed between the 2014-15 and 2015-16 NHL seasons with the initial members being assigned franchises via a first come, first serve basis. General Managers inherited the rosters for their respective teams, as they existed at the end of the 2014-15 NHL season, and were given a full reserve roster including the roster of the team's affiliated American Hockey League team and all players selected in the past 10 drafts that were still affiliated with that team.

C. The SHL-A shall be maintained in accordance with the provisions set forth in these bylaws and rules.

D. The membership of the SHL-A shall consist of a number of members in good standing equal to the number of NHL franchises. Each SHL-A team shall have one member designated as a franchise general manager.
i. Members in good standing have the option of designating or more as co-general managers, or assistant general managers, but any responsibility inherent with SHL-A membership shall remain with the designated general manager.
1. The Co-GM may make lines and depth chart changes. They may discuss any other function that a GM has, with that GM, but are NOT permitted to sign free agents, post trades, or place/claim waiver players.
ii. Good standing as it relates to membership shall be defined as a GM not on probation.
iii. Any existing GM may be given a warning and placed on probation for 1 year by the League Commissioner if it is deemed that due to neglect or poor decisions the long term future of the franchise at risk.
iv. All new members to the league will initially be placed on probation for 1 year.
v. While on probation:
1. The League Commissioner will scrutinize all transactions made by the GM.
2. If at any point, the League Commissioner believes that the GM is either neglecting or making moves to the long term detriment of the team, the GM may be immediately removed, with the team being run by the League Commissioner until a suitable replacement is found.

E. The league shall seek to maintain a waiting list of potential members to fill any vacancy created by the departure of an existing member.

F. In the event that NHL contracts one or more teams, displaced SHL-A members will be given first option to fill any GM vacancies.

G. All provisions of these bylaws and rules shall be enforced by the League Commissioner, as required and/or deemed necessary and appropriate.

H. Each SHL-A team's name, arena, geographic location, and designation as an Eastern Conference or Western Conference shall remain identical to the same of said team's NHL counterpart.

I. Each SHL-A team's schedule for a given season shall remain identical to the same of said team's NHL counterpart with the exception that no NHL games shall be rescheduled due to external reasons and shall be played as originally scheduled by the NHL.

J. Each SHL-A team will have a specified salary cap for each season.
i. Salary caps are set by the League Commissioner at the end of the prior season.
ii. Teams shall be at, or below the salary cap limitation within 1 week after the end of the off-season free agent signing period. Failure to comply with this rule can result in the forfeiture of 1 or more player contracts until an adequate amount of money is pared from the effected team's salary cap to be compliant.
1. In the event that player contracts must be forfeited, the League Commissioner shall opt to either:
a. Select a pool of player contracts from which the effected team's general manager can choose from in order to become with the specified payroll limit; OR
b. Nullify any individual, or any combination of said contracts with, or without consultation from the effected team's general manager.
2. Any player whose contract is nullified in an effort to comply with the salary cap shall immediately become a free agent, and thereby eligible to be signed to a contract by any SHL-A team.

K. The League Commissioner reserves the right to disapprove any player trade during the period between that point and 1 week from the end of the off-season free agent signing period and the beginning of the regular season if said trade would result in any effected team to apparently fail to maintain a total salary for the active roster that would be compliant with the salary cap.

L. At no time after the regular season has begun, may teams exceed the present salary cap for the balance of that season.

M. Any SHL-A member general manager in good standing shall be able to propose an amendment or modification of the league bylaws and the rules to the League Commissioner.
i. Situations or issues not resolved through adherence to the bylaws and rules shall be resolved by the SHL-A League Commissioner on an as needed basis.
ii. A playoff shall occur upon the completion of the sim-season based on the same rules used for NHL.

II. SHL-A Team Rules

A. Each SHL-A team shall be allowed a franchise roster that shall not exceed the total set forth by the League Commissioner. The franchise shall consist of an active roster (22) and a reserve roster.

B. During the regular season each team shall be limited to and must maintain an active roster of 22 players at any given time.
i. All players not designated as members of a team's active roster shall comprise a team's reserve roster.
1. Players in their 2nd NHL Season or later must clear waivers before being placed on the team's reserve roster.
a. The exception to rule B.i.1. is that if said player is being moved to the reserve roster to allow room for a player that was previously on Injured Reserve to be activated.

C. Only the collective amount of player salaries for players on a team's active roster shall be considered when determining the amount to be measured against said team's salary cap with the following exceptions:
i. The salary for any acquired player with League Veteran ("V") status, but not placed on the team's active roster.
ii. The salary for any League Veteran player the team has waived, but no other team claims during the period of time which would require the second team to assume responsibility.
iii. If any player is promoted from the reserve roster to replace a member of the active roster, both salaries shall be considered measures against the salary cap.
iv. All players on the team's reserve roster with League Veteran status shall have salaries counting against payroll.

D. Only players that appeared in at least 1 NHL game the previous season can be used on the active roster.

E. Each general manager shall provide the SHL-A with preferences of coaching tendencies in a series of categories provided by the League Commissioner.
i. If a general manager fails to provide coaching tendencies, the default settings will be used.
ii. These settings will be set at the beginning of the season and can only change:
1. In the event of a GM change.
2. Before each playoff series.

F. During the regular season, teams shall have the opportunity to set lines and make general roster moves on a weekly basis, including adjustments made to accommodate for player injuries.

G. Postseason rosters can be comprised of any 22 players from the team's active or reserve roster provided that each player appeared in at least 1 game during that regular season.

III. Qualifying Player Service Time

A. All players who have not yet reached Veteran status will have a year of service that corresponds to their length of time in the league:
1. xxx = The player has not appeared in a single SHL-A game.
2. 2 = The player has played in 1 season and is entering his 2nd season in the SHL-A
3. etc.

B. All players enter SHL-A as rookies with a service time of xxx. If the player is on the active roster of a team and plays in a single game, there will be a year of service added to their total before the next season.

C. All service time was calculated for all players entering the 2015-16 NHL season and is non-negotiable. Individual player service time for subsequent seasons shall be based on active player status occurring during and after the 2015-16 SHL-A season.

IV. Player Salaries

A. All players with no NHL service time will have a salary of $328,000, which will be the league minimum for rookies. This minimum shall be reviewed by the League Commissioner and adjusted accordingly.

B. All players accruing a year of service time shall get raises based upon their performance in the league as a whole. Players can receive anywhere between a 1% raise and a 100% raise based upon their performance in the previous SHL-A season.

C. The rankings used for adding salary to non-veterans gaining a year of service are used by using statistical measures and are non-negotiable. Rankings shall be based upon statistics generated during the SHL-A season.

D. Contract extensions shall be a feature of the SHL-A.
i. Players eligible for a contract extension include any player with a contract set to expire at the end of the next season.
ii. Each offseason, the League Commissioner will add a tab to the league roster spreadsheet with all of the possible contract extensions for said players.
iii. Contract extensions can be anything from 1 to 5 years past the expiration date of the current contract.
iv. All possible contract extensions will be presented to the general managers at some point before the start of league free agency.
v. General Managers will have until the day of the first simulation to accept any contract extension. Any extension not accepted or declined will assumed to be declined.
vi. Players signed to contract extensions have a 1-year no-trade clause.
vii. Once a player signs a contract extension, he will be given League Veteran status.
viii. All contract extensions are subject to league minimum free-agent amounts.

E. The above rules governing player salaries are subject to review by the League Commissioner each offseason and will be adjusted accordingly.

F. Unless otherwise denoted in an official trade, prorated salaries for a traded player will be based upon how many games he appeared on the active roster of that team as opposed to the total number of the team's games.

V. Contract Refusal

A. Since contracts for non-League Veteran players are formulaic and automatic, teams have the option of refusing any contract for players in years xxx through 6.
i. Each offseason a deadline will be given by which the salary increases must be accepted or declined.
1. In the event a GM does not notify the league of his intentions by said date, all salary increases will be accepted by default.
2. If a GM declares that he has accepted or declined a salary increase, the declaration is binding.

VI. The Waiver Process

A. Any player, regardless of service time, shall be binding between the waived player and the team making the waiver claim.

B. If the League Commissioner receives more than one waiver claim for any individual player, a provisional waiver award must be made based upon:
i. The team with the lowest point percentage from the previous week's sim.
1. From the final day of the regular season through the first full month of the following season, the point percentage during the most recent full season shall be used to create priority for designation for waiver claims;
2. After the final day of the first full calendar month of the season, the point percentage at the time when the player is waived shall be used to create priority designations for waiver claims. In the event of identical records by two or more claiming teams, the waiver priority of those teams shall be determined by the following year's winning percentage.

C. Claims for players waived during the season, shall be made by teams within a 48 hour period from the point the team notifies the league's members of any players placed on waivers. The League Commissioner shall award the player to a claiming team based on the priority criteria.

D. Any player clearing waivers shall become a free agent with full financial responsibility for the balance of the contract remaining with the original team, regardless if the player is signed to a contract by another team at a later date.

E. If the claiming team does not have the cap space to cover the player's remaining salary, then the claim will be made null-and-void.

VII. Free Agency

A. Free Agents shall be defined as any player:
i. Who has completed his 6th service year in the SHL-A.
ii. Whose Veteran contract has expired.
iii. Whose arbitration demands are not accepted.
iv. Who has been released from a SHL-A roster.

B. All bids submitted for free agents are done in a special "Free Agency" forum.
i. Teams will bid for a player until a 24-hour period has occurred where a player has not received a bid from any team.
ii. All bids must have at least equal length and equal amount with one of them being larger than the previous high bid on said player.
iii. No bid shall exceed 6 years in length.
iv. The League Commissioner reserves the right to nullify any bid if he feels as if the bid would make it impossible for the team to get below the cap line before the regular season.

C. Free agent contract bids must include the number of years and amount of salary paid per year.

D. Free agent contract restrictions.
i. There shall be a maximum length of 6 years for any free agent contract offered.
ii. There shall be a minimum salary requirement for all Veteran Free Agent contracts.
1. 1 year contracts will be worth no less than $500,000 annually.
2. 2 year contracts will be worth no less than $1,000,000 annually.
3. 3 year contracts will be worth no less than $1,500,000 annually.
4. 4 year contracts will be worth no less than $2,000,000 annually.
5. 5 year contracts will be worth no less than $2,500,000 annually.
6. 6 year contracts will be worth no less than $3,000,000 annually.
iii. The League Commissioner will review these restrictions on an annual basis.

E. All contracts awarded to free agents are guaranteed and are counted against a team's salary cap. If a player retires or stops playing hockey for any reason, that player's salary shall continue to be counted against the team's salary cap until the contract has expired.

F. Players with contracts in place before the start of the SHL-A shall be held to said contracts, regardless of any contradiction with any SHL-A rule. Once that player's contract is complete, he will then be subject to the rules and regulations of the SHL-A regarding free agency.

G. Veterans signed as free agents may be assigned to the reserve roster, but their salaries shall be included as money to be measured against a team's salary cap.

H. Free Agents signed to multi-year contracts in the offseason CANNOT be traded at any time during the 1st year of their new contract. Players signed to one-year contracts may be traded at any time.

I. Any players not signed during the free agent process will remain free agents until such time they are signed by a SHL-A team.

VII. Trades

A. Trades may occur at any time from the end of the Stanley Cup Finals until the trading deadline the following season.

B. No trades may occur between the trade deadline and the completion of the Stanley Cup Finals.

C. Trades may involve players, portions of League Veteran's player contracts (for the current season and future seasons), or draft picks for any of the upcoming three SHL-A drafts.
i. Trading draft picks is allowed with the following restrictions.
1. Each team must use at least 4 picks in any given season.
ii. At no point will any trades involving "future considerations" or a "player to be named later" be processed.
iii. In the event that a portion of a player's salary is to be traded the amount paid by the trading team will be left on their payroll, and the player will be traded to the new team with reduced salary.

D. All trades are subject to a 48 hour League Commissioner review before being processed.
i. Any trade receiving a request from any 3 of the league's general managers may come under review, where the League Commissioner will heavily scrutinize that trade. Requests may be made anonymously to the league e-mail account.

IX. Draft of Unaffiliated Players

A. A seven round draft of unaffiliated players shall occur in the SHL-A offseason. This will allow activity during a normally "dead" time during the league.
i. Eligible players for the SHL-A draft of unaffiliated players shall be limited to:
1. All players eligible for that season's NHL Entry Draft.
2. Any professional player not having appeared on any SHL-A roster previously.
3. A list of ineligible players will be provided prior to the start of the draft.
a. In the event that player is left off of the ineligible list, the League Commissioner will immediately request that the team make another selection and add said player to the ineligible list.

B. The order in which teams select players in the draft of unaffiliated players will be in reverse order of the previous SHL-A season's final point totals. In the event of identical point totals by two or more teams, the order of those teams will be determined by the previous year's point totals.
i. The first overall pick every season will be subject to a draft lottery of the teams not making the playoffs that season.

C. The draft will start on a date determined annually by the League Commissioner and run Monday through Friday until all picks have been made. All picks shall be submitted to the league e-mail address by 10pm on the evening the League Commissioner has determined them to be due.

D. If a team fails or passes on the opportunity to make a draft pick said team will be skipped until such time:
i. The skipped team submits a pick at any time prior to the end of the draft, but any players selected before the pick is made will become ineligible for said team to draft.
ii. The skipped picks are not submitted by 24 hours after the final pick of the draft, after which all picks will become forfeit.

E. All draft picks are given a 1 year no-trade clause.


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